Baby Root Canal and its necessity

baby root canal

Most of the parents might have experienced their child suffering from tooth pain. And the dentist may have suggested a baby root canal for their child. However most of us don’t know the necessity of a root canal in milk tooth. We will think that milk teeth will shed one day and what is the … Read more

How to Stop Mouth Breathing in Children

Undoubtedly most of the parents will worry when they see that their child has mouth breathing habits. Moreover, they don’t know the ways to stop mouth breathing in children. However it should be noted that we have two air passage to breathe- the nose and the mouth. Obviously breathing through the nose is ideal because nose … Read more

Causes of Discolored Baby Teeth

discolored baby teeth

Baby teeth or milk, are usually more whitish than permanent teeth. It is a great pleasure for all of us to see our baby’s cute smile. Some of us might worry about discolored baby teeth. There are so many reasons for discoloration of baby teeth. Causes Of Discoloration of Baby Teeth Due to medications: If the … Read more

Causes Of Black spot on gum

Black Spot on Gum

Gums are coral pink in color, but not everyone will have this color. It depends on the Race, genetics Etc. Sometimes gum may develop black or brown spots. Most of these black spot on gum is not harmful, but some may indicate a serious condition. What are the causes of black spot on gums? There … Read more