How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal can I Eat a Burger?

How Long after Wisdom Teeth Removal can I Eat a Burger

As our generation is addicted to junk food,  some surgical procedures in our mouth may put a temporary stop to the food items. And most of our young generation will be frustrated if they are restricted to take junk food like burgers, pizza, etc. So most of the young do want to know “How Long … Read more

When can I Eat solid Food after Wisdom Tooth Removal?

When can I Eat solid Food after Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that erupt into the oral cavity.  Most of us might have experienced pain when these teeth erupt.  Most wisdom teeth need to be taken out surgically.  You may experience some difficulty after the procedure.  you need to take utmost care following the procedure.  The first thing to … Read more

Baby Root Canal and its necessity

baby root canal

Most of the parents might have experienced their child suffering from tooth pain. And the dentist may have suggested a baby root canal for their child. However most of us don’t know the necessity of a root canal in milk tooth. We will think that milk teeth will shed one day and what is the … Read more