How to brush your teeth properly

How to brush your teeth properly

Even if we are doing brushing twice, we might face the problem of plaque accumulation in our mouth. We don’t know the reason behind this.  The problem is that we are not brushing in a proper manner. We all have to know how to brush your teeth properly. What will happen if you don’t follow proper brushing techniques … Read more

When can I Eat solid Food after Wisdom Tooth Removal?

When can I Eat solid Food after Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that erupt into the oral cavity.  Most of us might have experienced pain when these teeth erupt.  Most wisdom teeth need to be taken out surgically.  You may experience some difficulty after the procedure.  you need to take utmost care following the procedure.  The first thing to … Read more

How to Stop Mouth Breathing in Children

Undoubtedly most of the parents will worry when they see that their child has mouth breathing habits. Moreover, they don’t know the ways to stop mouth breathing in children. However it should be noted that we have two air passage to breathe- the nose and the mouth. Obviously breathing through the nose is ideal because nose … Read more

Can you Drink Alcohol after tooth extraction?

alcohol after tooth extraction

After tooth extraction dentist will tell you not to drink alcohol. Here is what you should be aware of this instruction. If you are drinking alcohol after tooth extraction, what are the worst things that could happen? Can I drink alcohol after tooth extraction If you are a regular drinker this question will definitely come … Read more

What to eat after Root Canal Treatment

What to eat after Root Canal Treatment

Most people will worry about what to eat after root canal treatment. Root canal is a procedure that allows you to retain your natural dentition, even if your natural dentition is infected or cracked or fractured. During root canal treatment infected pulpal portion is removed along with the decayed portion of the hard tissue of … Read more