Causes Of Black spot on gum

Gums are coral pink in color, but not everyone will have this color. It depends on the Race, genetics Etc. Sometimes gum may develop black or brown spots. Most of these black spot on gum is not harmful, but some may indicate a serious condition.

Black spot on gum
Black Spot on Gum

What are the causes of black spot on gums?

There are a number of reason for gums turning black or darkened

Dental related problems which cause black spot on gum are

  • Bruises:- constant irritation from the sharp tooth of dental devices fixed in your mouth can cause dark-colored bruises on your gums
  • Teething or eruption hematoma:- As the tooth erupts into the mouth a dark-colored lesion may develop on the gums. These lesions are harmless because it resolves by its own.
  • Amalgam tattoos:- It is a black area of discoloration on the gums or the mucosa adjacent to the tooth with amalgam restoration. It is a common finding. They are usually painless. It is becauseof the implantation of amalgam particles into the tissues. Over sometime amalgam particles implanted on the tissue can corrode.
  • Melanin:- In some people gums are often dark from the time of birth itself. This is due to an excess of Melanin a substance that gives color to the skin hair eyes Etc. If the dark color on the gum changes over a short period, this may not be due to the melanin pigmentation and can indicate some other underlying cause. Oral cancer or mouth cancer can also cause black discoloration on the gums. If you notice a new spot on the gums, you should rule out the cause by consulting a doctor.

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Dermatological problems

Black spots on the gums can also be a result of underlying Dermatological problems

Melanotic macule:- It is an area of hyperpigmentation on the gums or palate. This can be single or multiple with a size less than one centimeter with well-defined smooth borders. It can occur at any age most commonly in females. It is a harmless lesion.


Medicines like Minocycline can cause brownish deposits or discoloration on the oral mucosa

Circulatory problems

Conditions like thrombocytopenic purpura and hemochromatosis or some other defects in clotting or abnormality of blood vessels can cause dark spots in the oral cavity often in the form of petechiae. We can find this commonly in the Denture wearing areas.

Habitual Problems

In those who are chronic smokers, there will be brown to Blackish pigmentation of the oral soft tissues. It is known as smokers Melanosis. Area of pigmentation increases with increased tobacco use. There is no treatment for this. However, there are chances of tissue getting normal color one or two years after quitting smoking.

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Treatment for black spot on gum

Treatment is entirely dependent on the cause contributing to the discoloration.

  1. Treating black spots on gums due to amalgam fillings:- Laser treatment can remove black spots or amalgam tattoos. Excision of the respective tissue can give good results. Replacement of the amalgam fillings with the tooth-color filling materials .
  2. Treatment for smokers Melanosis:- Black spots because of smoking can be reduced to an extent by simply quitting the habit of smoking. Avoid using other nicotine-containing products.
  3. Black spot due to oral cancer:- sudden onset of such spot should be identified through biopsy or oral cancer screening so as to limit the spread of cancer.
  4. Treatment of the underlying dermatologic and systemic diseases
  5. Cosmetic treatment for gum pigmentation:- Gingival depigmentation is an aesthetic procedure for removing the hyperpigmentation seen on the gums. Gum depigmentation can be done by
  • Scalpel or surgical technique
  • Cryo surgical depigmentation, that is a direct application of liquid nitrogen with a cotton swab to the pigmented area of gums.
  • Lasers:- Lasers for the management of oral Melanin pigmentations.

The Bottom Line

Good oral health is essential for overall well-being. Your mouth is a reference to your health. So don’t hesitate to visit a dentist if you notice any changes in your mouth.

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