How to brush your teeth properly

Even if we are doing brushing twice, we might face the problem of plaque accumulation in our mouth. We don’t know the reason behind this.  The problem is that we are not brushing in a proper manner. We all have to know how to brush your teeth properly.

How to brush your teeth properly
How to brush your teeth properly

What will happen if you don’t follow proper brushing techniques

  •  Incomplete  removal of plaque
  •  It will result in wearing of enamel thereby causing  tooth sensitivity
  •  If your brushing is not proper it will lead to recession of gums which can result in the exposure of root surface causing  tooth sensitivity

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How to do Brushing

  • Place the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees where the teeth meet the gums
  • Use short circular strokes to brush your front teeth. Start and proceed  towards the edge of the teeth
  • Use the same method on the inside surface of all teeth
  • For brushing the inside surface of front teeth,  place the brush vertically and make small circular stroke
  •  Use light back and forth motion on the chewing surface of the teeth
  •  Half-open your mouth when you are brushing the last teeth
  •  Brush your tongue to remove any bacterial build up on the tongue

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 How to select toothbrush

  • Choose soft or medium bristled toothbrush
  • If you have a problem of sensitivity, use soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Prefer kids toothbrush for children below the age of 8.  Choose a soft brush with a long handle and small head
  • Change your toothbrush once in every 3 months
  • If you notice fraying of toothbrush bristles,  don’t use that toothbrush

 If you follow proper brushing method you can maintain better oral hygiene

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