What to eat after Root Canal Treatment

Most people will worry about what to eat after root canal treatment. Root canal is a procedure that allows you to retain your natural dentition, even if your natural dentition is infected or cracked or fractured. During root canal treatment infected pulpal portion is removed along with the decayed portion of the hard tissue of the teeth making the teeth brittle. Some people may lose teeth
after root canal treatment because the tooth may split or fracture if we don’t take much care. If the tooth is broken below the gum line, it is impossible to retain the tooth. So in order to protect the tooth from being fractured until the crown placement, you should follow a few rules for Speedy and successful recovery.

what to eat after root canal
What to eat after root canal treatment

What all things you can expect after a root canal treatment?

  • Most patients experience little or no pain after the root canal treatment.
  • Anesthesia may persist for one or two hours. So you will feel numbness in the area anaesthetized.
  • Some may feel sensitivity immediately after root canal which will subside soon
  • Some may experience pressure or throbbing sensation while biting which we often recommend note to
  • Bite with RCT treated tooth for a while until Crown is placed and appropriate time is given for healing.

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What you should eat after a root canal treatment?

  • A soft diet is often recommended after root canal treatment to reduce stress on teeth.
  • You are supposed to eat until the numbness wears off. Otherwise, there are chances of biting
  • Cheek, tongue or lips while eating as the area is numb
  • Avoid sticky foods like chocolates, chewing gums, candies Etc.
  • Avoid hard food as it can result in dislodgement of temporary filling. Or either it may result in a fracture of the tooth.
  • Don’t use hot food items immediately after root canal treatment.
  • Soft food like oatmeal, warm vegetable soup, or boiled soft vegetables is preferred.
  • You can take fresh fruit juices, yogurts Etc
  • Eat bananas, mashed potatoes, and apples
  • Drink plenty of water

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Whatever you eat avoid biting on the root canal treated tooth. Get the crown placed as soon as possible. Always keep in mind to avoid heavy load on to the root canal treated tooth. Don’t skip
follow up appointments

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