Root canal vs Extraction what to choose?

When people with dental infection consult a dentist he or she may suggest RCT or extraction depending on the condition of the tooth. Here is the importance of root canal vs extraction arise. This question arises in most of our minds. Most of the people don’t know what is the difference between root canal treatment and extraction. We need to be familiar with the terms root canal and extraction.

Root Canal or Extraction
Root Canal Vs Extraction

What is root canal treatment ?

When Dental caries extends to the wider portion of the tooth that is the pulp, It results in the initiation of toothache due to infectious stimuli circulating into the bloodstream present in the pulp. Root canal treatment is a sequence of procedures for removing the infected pulp from the tooth resulting in the elimination of infection and thereby protection of the tooth from future microbial invasion. It involves the removal of carious portion, disinfection followed by cleaning and shaping of pulpal canal, and three-dimensional filling of the root canals. RCT patients will not experience pain anymore.

How root canal treatment is done?

Before starting root canal treatment tooth, administer local anaesthesia make the tooth numb. The root canal procedure initiates after the patient feels numbness in the respective area. Root canal treatment can be single sitting or multiple sitting according to the degree of infection. First of all, excavate the carious lesion followed by the opening of the pulp chamber. After that the pulp is taken out, followed by cleaning and shaping the canals using appropriate instruments. After that, drying ,sealing and filling with good root canal filling material marks the end of rootcanal treatment.

When is root canal treatment done?

  • Tooth with infection
  • Fractured tooth with the fracture line above the gums
  • Highly sensitive tooth
  • Deep Dental cavity

Root canal treatment aftercare

  • Avoid chewing with the tooth until crown is made .
  • Use a soft diet after RCT until the final restoration.
  • Get Crown done as soon as possible.
  • Use prescribed painkillers if discomfort is present.

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What is extraction?

Extraction is the removal of hopeless teeth along with its root so as to eliminate the progression of infection .

How is extraction done ?

After anesthetizing the area where the tooth is to be removed, Force is applied onto the tooth using instruments like elevators and forceps. You may hear popping or cracking sound while pulling the tooth and you may experience pressure while removing the tooth. If the tooth is below the gum line or it is partially or fully embedded incision is placed, bone cutting is needed. And in this case the oral surgeon is required to remove the tooth.

When extraction has to be done.

  • A heavily decayed tooth with less tooth structure Impacted tooth
  • Tooth fracture below the gum line.
  • Removal of the tooth for orthodontic treatment Tooth with resorbed roots
  • Vertical fracture of the tooth

Extraction after care

  • The patient should bite on sterile cotton for 30 minutes to stop bleeding.
  • The patient should take a soft diet only.
  • Say no to Smoking for a while as smoking might affect the healing process.
  • Avoid swishing and Gargling as the blood clot will get dislodge and will lead to bleeding.
  • Avoid taking hot food items on the day of the extraction.

Are root canals worth it? What is the advantage of root canal treatment over extraction?

Tooth has the adequate structure, So root canal treatment is the best option. If not, then you will have to get the tooth extracted.

The disadvantage of extracting teeth that can be retained is as follows:-

  • It can lead to Chewing difficulty
  • Alteration in Speech.
  • Over a period of time, it will result in loss of bone in the extracted area
  • It can result in a sunken cheek.
  • Extraction of the tooth can result in drifting of an adjacent tooth resulting in the formation of gaps,
  • food lodgement and thereby initiation of cavities.

Root canal vs extraction cost

The cost of extraction is less compared to a root canal but you will lose your natural teeth if you prefer extraction. And whenever you want a replacement of extracted tooth the cost will be higher than the root canal treatment of a single tooth.


Better knowledge of the condition of the tooth after Consulting a dentist will help you decide
which procedure would be best for you. It is always better to maintain your natural dentition by adopting good oral hygiene measures

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