Causes of Discolored Baby Teeth

discolored baby teeth

Baby teeth or milk, are usually more whitish than permanent teeth. It is a great pleasure for all of us to see our baby’s cute smile. Some of us might worry about discolored baby teeth. There are so many reasons for discoloration of baby teeth. Causes Of Discoloration of Baby Teeth Due to medications: If the … Read more

What Causes Teeth discoloration

teeth discoloration

We are more concerned, particularly about aesthetics. Most of us might be worrying about the color of our tooth. As there are many circumstances that can cause discoloration of the tooth. Obviously there are so many options put forward to us to overcome the problem of teeth discoloration. There are mainly three types of stains … Read more

Know what does a cavity look like

what does a cavity look like

A cavity look like a small hole or dip in the tooth because of tooth decay. Cavities can occur at any age. cavities occur mostly due to the presence of bacteria. So every one doubt what does a cavity looks like? There are a lot of signs that help you in identifying whether you have … Read more