Causes of Discolored Baby Teeth

Baby teeth or milk, are usually more whitish than permanent teeth. It is a great pleasure for all of us to see our baby’s cute smile. Some of us might worry about discolored baby teeth. There are so many reasons for discoloration of baby teeth.

Discolored Baby Teeth
Discolored Baby Teeth

Causes Of Discoloration of Baby Teeth

Due to medications: If the teeth expose to the side effects of tetracycline taken by the mother during her pregnancy, tetracycline can chelate the calcium and thereby causing discoloration of both baby teeth and permanent teeth.

Poor oral hygiene: Some kids will not allow the parents to assist them in brushing. This results in inadequate removal of tartar and deposits on the surface of teeth thereby causing discolored baby teeth

Nursing bottle caries: In those kids with nighttime bottle-feeding there are chances of getting cavities on the upper front teeth. Lower front teeth gets protection by the tongue during suckling. Milk retains on the teeth causing bacteria to break down the sugar thereby initiating carries attack.

Amelogenesis imperfecta /problems affecting enamel formation: It is a disorder of the tooth development causing teeth small grooves, pits and discoloration.

Fluorosis: due to ingestion of more than the recommended amount of fluoride through various sources can cause more opaque white lines or spots on the surface of the teeth. In severe cases, it causes brownish stains on the surface of the teeth.

Trauma to the tooth: Trauma to the baby tooth can cause resorption inside the teeth causing pinkish discoloration.

Underlying illness: In conditions like hyperbilirubinemia, it causes greenish or yellowish-green discoloration in baby teeth.

Diet: if the babies are taking food causing stains like raspberries blackberries Etc.

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How to prevent Discolored Baby Teeth

  • Take proper oral hygiene measures for kids.
  • Make the baby brush under the supervision of the parents.
  • Avoid any medications like tetracycline during pregnancy.
  • Treat underlying medical conditions
  • For babies with nighttime bottle feeding wipe the teeth with clean cotton gauze or else make the baby drink purified water after feeding.
  • Don’t dip pacifiers dipped in honey or sweet fruit juices
  • Regularly monitor your baby’s oral cavity.
  • Use toothpaste with low fluoride content
  • Teach the habit of rinsing the mouth after taking food.

Treatment for Discoloration of Baby Teeth

  • Firstly consult a dentist If you worry about the color of your child’s teeth
  • The dentist may recommend professional cleaning of teeth.
  • Polishing of the teeth using pumice paste
  • Dentists may suggest microabrasion to remove the thin layer of the stained surface of the teeth.
  • Treatment of broken or traumatized tooth
  • If you are not pleasing with these, crown with tooth color is another option.

The Bottom Line

It is important to follow good oral hygiene. In any case you observe discoloration seek the help of a dentist as we can’t do experiment on our children. 

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